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ACA Compliance at an affordable Cost


The Affordable Care Act requires employers with more than 50 full time employees to provide certain minimum medical benefits to employees. Additionally, all employees are also required to have an acceptable minimal medical plan. If you or your employees do not comply with these rules, the fines are extremely large. Nationwide, 1000’s of employers’ employing between 50-500 employees still have not fully met the Federal Compliance requirements. They are now facing significant fines for non-compliance.


The Omega Team is affiliated with one of the largest ACA consulting firms in the USA and provides turn-key affordable solutions for all employers and their employees. This system is backed by nationally recognized “best in field” legal consultants and reinsurers.


Of Course, when it comes to ACA compliance. It is always a question of “cost”.

Finally, when you partner with Omega There is “good news” regarding ACA.

Employers are now able to use Omega ACA Complete giving them a turn-key solution that:


  1. Can cost less than $80/month per full-time employee
  2. Can totally insulate you from all Federal fines
  3. Can provide you with ACA Compliance testing and reporting
  4. Can protect uninsured employees from the Federally Mandated fines for not having an acceptable minimal medical plan



If you have 200 employees and you do not fully comply with the ACA rules, your business can be fined a non-deductible assessment of up to $600,000 annually.


Your Solution?  Install ACA Complete, a fully compliant ACA Solution package.

Your company is protected from fines. You save time, you save headaches, you save money, for your company and all employees.






































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