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You can’t prevent every accident—but you can protect yourself and your family with ACCIDENT assure

across the u.s., accidents happen at an
alarming rate. every second of every day,
someone is disabled from an accidental
injury. And 1 in 8 Americans—nearly 38 million
people—receive medical attention for nonfatal
injuries annually.3 according to the national
safety council, falls are a leading cause of all
accidental injuries in the u.s.,3 responsible for
10.5 million er visits a year.4

An accidental injury5 is an injury to your body solely caused by
and resulting from a sudden, unexpected and unforeseen event.
An accident6 can happen anywhere at nearly any time. Bodily
injuries that result from accidents can be painful—and can cause
unexpected medical bills for diagnosis and treatment—
and may
keep you from working.
If you’re in an accident, your major medical plan may cover
most of your expenses. But you’re likely to be responsible for
out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles and copays, plus
medical appliances and transportation.

Gain the extra protection you need with
ACCIDENT assure.

• Benefits are paid directly to you regardless
of any other insurance you have.1
• Benefits have no lifetime maximums.
• Rates won’t increase because you use
your policy.2

1Unless otherwise requested by you or required.
2 Your rates cannot be increased unless all rates of the same kind are
raised in your state.
3 Source: National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2014 Edition. These
facts represent the U.S. population, are provided for information only
and do not imply coverage under the policy or endorsement of the
company or policy by the National Safety Council.

4 Source: National Safety Council, Injury Facts, 2014 Edition.
5 An accidental injury means all bodily injuries solely caused by and resulting from an accident. Accidental injury does not include injury as a direct
or indirect result of bodily or mental infirmity or disease in any form or medical treatment of any kind. An example of bodily infirmity is an allergic
reaction, such as a bee sting. In Maine, “accidental bodily injury sustained by the insured person that is the direct cause of the condition for which
benefits are provided and that occurs while this policy is inforce.”
6 An accident means a sudden, unexpected and unforeseen event. In Oklahoma, an accident means “a sudden event caused by external means.”
In Tennessee, an accident means “an unintended, unexpected event.”

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